Storm Water Piping

Storm Water Drainage management requires several fittings. Solo Plastics fabricates a range of storm water piping fittings including storm water bends, storm water junctions and saddles. Some products are fibreglass reinforced while some are welded. Sizes vary from 150mm to 475 mm based on customer requirements.

Storm Water
Moulded Products

Solo's culvert PE bends

Fabricated – Glassed

White Plastic pipe bend fabricated by Solo

Fabricated – Un-glassed


We specialise in PE, PVC Pipe, HDPE Pipe, Stormwater Drainage, PE Welding and a host of
PVC pipe fittings solutions that can be customised based on your requirements.

Our product range includes engineering services, pipe fittings, culvert pipe, sewage system solutions and much more:

Drain, Waste and Vent (DMV)
Injection Moulded fittings for Stormwater
and Drainage applications. 
SN4 Pipe: Fittings include bends,
junctions, saddles, end caps, level
inverts, couplers, adaptors, and
manhole shorts
SN16 Pipe
Solo Watercare Wye
Hydro Starters

Storm Water Drainage
Fabricated – Un-glassed
Fabricated – Glassed

Electrical Swept Duct Bends
HD Electrical Bends
Medium Duty Electrical Bends

Backing Rings

Maintenance Pits (Manholes)

Telecommunications Bends
Moulded uPVC Pressure Fittings
uPVC Formed Swept Pressure Bends
Fabricated Sockets and Couplers

Moulded – Sewer and Stormwater PE Fittings
Moulded Watermain Fittings
PE Drainage Wye Junctions
PE Watermain Standard Pullings Head
PE Swept Bends
Manhole Connectors

Pipe – PVC & Polyethylene
PVC Pipes
PE – Polyethylene Pipe

Electrofusion Welding: Couplers, Elbows, Tees and Tapping Tees, Saddles, Reducers and End Caps

Slotted / Perforated PVC Pipe

Concrete Culvert

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