An image depicting the origin and journey of Solo Plastics




Solo Plastics began its journey in the mid 1980’s, originally owned and operated by the Keywood Family until being sold and taken over in 1989. Back then Solo focused only on made to order products operating in one half of 23 Honan Place in Avondale.

As the years progressed, Solo expanded and took over the full factory at No 23 until 1995 when they ran out of space and moved to 29-31 Honan Place. Around this time they also began importing and selling fittings and by 1999 had added a warehouse facility and employed 18 staff. Over the next two decades the company continued to grow, adding more buildings and more staff until by 2019 Solo owned five buildings on the street and employed 44 staff. In 2019, the owner retired and sold the business to an investor who employed a new CEO to take the helm for the next phase of Solo’s journey.

An image of Solo's old factory site