A new 2km long pipeline improving water quality by providing for increasing demand on the sewer system and reducing stormwater discharges.”


In 2020, McConnell Dowell began digging the first of three shafts to accommodate their latest Tunnel Boring Machine to build a new 2km long, 1800mm diameter stormwater storage pipeline. The pipeline will meet an increasing demand on the sewer system as Auckland’s population grows. It will also significantly reduce combined wastewater and stormwater discharges and by improving water quality, will make local beaches safer for people and wildlife.


Solo has been engaged to assemble a 460m long PE pipe and marine outfall.

The solution

Due to its length the pipe will first be welded together into one long string at Kaiaua in the Coromandel and then towed behind a barge for 90km to Auckland. Once there, Solo will weld together the giant (13m x 7m) final outfall Wye section on a barge at sea before it is bolted to the pipe and sunk into position. Divers will then make the final connection.


Army Bay Outfall

Part of a $31M contract working with McConnell Dowell for Watercare to Design and Construct a 3km gravity system pipeline and wastewater outfall.

Hastings Outfall Diffuser Upgrade

Installation of a new 300 Meter long diffuser to replace the aging fibreglass system at Hastings WWTW in Clive.

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