Hastings Outfall Diffuser Upgrade


In 2017, Solo was awarded a contract with Hastings Council for its Wastewater Treatment Works to assemble and install a 300 metre long, 900mm diameter PE diffuser to replace its aging fibreglass system.


This being one of the first large diameter PE fabrication solutions in the country required fresh thinking on how to reduce transport fees on big pipes. No local supplier was available in New Zealand at the time and so pipes needed to be imported and delivered direct to site to reduce double handling costs and potential damage.

The Solution

Solo setup a workshop right on the beach front and managed all the assembly tasks from there, building the diffuser sections and welding the pipes together into two long strings, ready for floating seaward into their final position. NZ Diving and Salvage dive teams were used for the final assembly out at sea.


Army Bay Outfall

Part of a $31M contract working with McConnell Dowell for Watercare to Design and Construct a 3km gravity system pipeline and wastewater outfall.

Wynard Edge Alliance – America’s Cup

Doing our part to create the stage for the 36th America’s Cup with a fresh Waterfront for Visitors and Kiwi’s.

Solo Summer Promotion 2023