“1.4km of Twin Line 1400mm SDR 13.6 Pipe. The thickest pipe ever welded in New Zealand!”


In June 2020 Seipp Construction were awarded the contract for part of the Central Interceptor project at Mangere Wastewater Treatment Works.  Solo were engaged as their subcontractor to carry out the welding part of their project.


At 102mm thick, this pipe is the thickest pipe ever to be welded in the country.

The solution

Solo have the experience and the heavy-duty equipment needed to undertake work of this nature.  Machine setup and calibration is critical.  Every weld has to be perfect, over 200 of them are required for this project including many stubs and bends.


Pukekohe Wastewater Treatment Works

Supporting Watercare to upgrade its Pukekohe plant to double its capacity and meet the needs of our growing population.

St Mary’s Bay Outfall

A new 2km long pipeline improving water quality by providing for increasing demand on the sewer system and reducing stormwater discharges.

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