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HDPE Pipe for Hassle-Free Installation

Robust High-density Polyethylene Pipes offer a plethora of benefits for a wide range of civil applications.

Benefits of HDPE Pipe

  • Low Weight

    HDPE pipes are lightweight yet robust and provide you with a good alternative to heavy concrete or steel pipes.

  • Environment Friendly

    High-density Polyethylene Pipes (HDPE) are made from recycling materials including post-consumer recycled HDPE waste such as milk bottles and have high chemical-resistance – therefore they can be used across a wide variety of environments.

  • Easy Installation

    Owing to their low weight, HDPE Pipes are easier to handle and install. They can be made to your specifications with choices of co-extruded colours for the internal of the pipe. We also have a team that can weld these pipes to join them together.

  • Durability

    HDPE pipes are known for high durability based on how they are manufactured. They are long-lasting and have an asset life of more than 100 years and the great part about that is then they can be dug up and recycled over again to create new pipes.

  • Adaptability

    PE has the ability to be easily modified on site. Cutting and jointing can be carried out in final positions using butt, electro-fusion or manual welding processes with the results being instant. No curing time is required, providing watertight seals.

  • Safe for Drinking Water

    As HDPE pipes are made of food-grade material, they are safe to transfer drinking water. Furthermore, they can maintain the fluid temperature more than other pipes; thereby preventing the need for any insulation.


We specialise in PE, PVC Pipe, HDPE Pipe, Stormwater Drainage, PE Welding and a host of
PVC pipe fittings solutions that can be customised based on your requirements.

Our product range includes:

Drain, Waste and Vent (DMV)
Injection Moulded fittings for Stormwater
and Drainage applications. 
SN4 Pipe: Fittings include bends,
junctions, saddles, end caps, level
inverts, couplers, adaptors, and
manhole shorts
SN16 Pipe
Solo Watercare Wye
Hydro Starters

Fabricated – Un-glassed
Fabricated – Glassed

Electrical Swept Duct Bends
HD Electrical Bends
Medium Duty Electrical Bends

Backing Rings

Maintenance Pits (Manholes)

Telecommunications Bends
Moulded uPVC Pressure Fittings
uPVC Formed Swept Pressure Bends
Fabricated Sockets and Couplers

Moulded – Sewer and Stormwater PE Fittings
Moulded Watermain Fittings
PE Drainage Wye Junctions
PE Watermain Standard Pullings Head
PE Swept Bends
Manhole Connectors

PVC Pipes
PE – Polyethylene Pipes

Electrofusion Welding: Couplers, Elbows, Tees and Tapping Tees, Saddles, Reducers and End Caps

Slotted / Perforated PVC Pipe

Concrete Culvert

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