Kuisa Fasi PVC Fabricator from Solo – His Learning

Oriana TV came out to Solo yesterday afternoon to interview Kuisa who recently completed a Money Confidence course. Tafa the tutor from Upskills taught Solo staff including Kuisa a range of financial skills with the topics including:

–       Setting financial goals
–       Budgeting
–       Compound interest
–       Digital/online resources
–       Finances and wellbeing

Kuisa spoke about how the course had really helped him and his family think differently about their finances and look at ways to save money.

Best learning tip from Kuisa:

Saving and budgeting. When we have funerals at church, we all share and prepare food for the family service. Instead of making our usual sandwiches, I made curried eggs which cost less, tasted good, were healthy and everybody liked them. I showed my wife how to make it after one of our Money Confidence sessions and she made it for the family service. It was such a quick and easy recipe and didn’t take us long to prepare so we saved time and money. There were no leftovers.

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